About Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is the former capital of India and the city built by Mughals. It was built between the years 1571 – 1585 A.D. Due to the lack of water resources, the capital of mughals was shifted from here to Agra in 1585 according to the history.

Fatehpur sikri mainly has two attractions which include the Buland Gate, mosque of the Saint Chisti in one Premise and the palace of all the queens of great emperor Akbar in the other. Though, It has many other small sites to be seen but they are not properly accessible. Fatehpur Sikri is gradually becoming a top choice of travellers to stay for 3 or more days so as to visit Tajmahal and Red Fort in Agra and National Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur from here as the day trips. Few Travelers feel that Fatehpur Sikri is much quieter and cleaner than the Agra and Bharatpur.