Hotel Goverdhan Tourist Complex, Fatehpur Sikri is a great alternative to accommodation otptions in Agra, Mathura and Bharatpur. Hotel Goverdhan, Fatehpur Sikri comes in the center of this Agra-Mathura-Bharatpur region.

Hotel Goverdhan, Fatehpur Sikri is reasonably priced and much more peaceful hotel than hotels in Agra, Mathura and Bharatpur which is why, Hotel Goverdhan, Fatehpur Sikri now is becoming a top choice of travelers from all over the world to stay for 3-4 days and then, visiting Agra, bharatpur and Mathura from here.

Check out our short Tour Itinerary

First Day: (AGRA) Gaze at the beauty of Taj

Second Day: (MATHURA & VRINDAVAN) Experience the traditional, cultural and sacred temples of Mathura & Vrindavan

Third Day: (BHARATPUR) Let’s do some adventure, meet beautiful birds in Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur

Visit the Mughal capital “Fatehpur Sikri” and see the marvelous piece of architecture

Visit all these places one by one and come back to Hotel Goverdhan, Fatehpur Sikri to relax and get some energy to move on next day.
This is what we recommend and then, leave it you to decide about what all places to be seen and how many days to stay here with us.

Go Easy is short tour Itinerary, designed exclusively by our travel unit for those travelers
who want to see this Agra-Mathura-Bharatpur-Fatehpur Sikri Or a part of it, but without hassles.

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